The Swedish West Coast


Marstrand is located 45kms north west of Gothenburg. A sailing hotspot, the island is a Swedish summer paradise.

Rich in history, the islands most distinctive feature is the Carlsten Fortress which sits high in the middle of the island. The large Fortress dates back to the 17th Century and is today used as a Hotel.

Marstrand has something for everyone, with boutiques and sailing shops, a variety of casual and fine dining options and car free streets lined with idyllic Swedish homes. The island is also a great place to enjoy nature with bathing spots, walking trails, kayaking and sailing.

Every year in early July, an international match racing competition is held at Marstrand. The island has a perfect natural arena so that spectators can watch the racing up close from the islands ‘grandstand’. The regatta brings the worlds best sailors, exciting racing, a range of market stalls and tens of thousands of people to the island. Marstrand really comes alive during this week.


Located 65kms north west of Gothenburg is the seaside town of Skärhamn. This town is so beautiful with cosy homes lining the harbour.

Skärhamn is the perfect place to relax for a few days whilst in Sweden. Enjoy walking around the rocky coastline, swim in the harbour and try out the sauna at Tubbevikens Bad & Bastu.

Skärhamn is also home to the Nordic Watercolour Museum. Beautifully set on the water, the museum showcases watercolour art from around the world. There is also a cafe and modern waterfront studios available to rent overnight.

Sweden is much more than it’s capital cities. I highly recommend travelling outside the cities boundaries if you get the chance.

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