Cape to Cape Trail – Day 7

Hamelin Bay to Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse (26.5kms)

Today was our longest day in distance so we woke up early again to set off. It was a crisp, cold morning with no clouds in the sky. It was also our last day and we were excited.

The walk around White Cliff Point towards Deepdene beach was extremely rewarding in the early morning sun. We passed the Foul Bay Lighthouse and emerged from the forest trail to see the most incredible coloured blue water.

We walked over blowholes which blew up water and seaweed when swell came through underneath. Then we went over a beach where the sand was covered in incredible shells that crunched under our feet.

The first stretches of Deepdene beach were so incredible. The sand was white and compact and the water was crystal clear. I had not expected such beautiful nature at the start of this section. It would almost have to be one of my favourite sections of the trail.

The middle part of the day was mentally quite challenging for both of us. We knew the finish line was so close but it was also quite far away still with the day being 26.5kms. It was quite hard for us to get in the zone and enjoy the area around us. Deepdene beach seemed to go on for ages. Every time we thought we would start to ascend up onto the hills, we went around another headland and continued the walk at sea level.

Due to the time of the year, there were also quite a few tricky rock crossings that would not be pleasant if you did not like heights. Up to three metres of sand can be washed away at the southern end of Deepdene beach and this was the case for us. Due to this erosion, we had to follow a very narrow path above sharp rocks. We also had to jump across large holes that went down into the sea below. We were quite on edge and were very glad our packs were feeling light.

Eventually we ascended up off the beach and onto the cliffs.

We carried on all the way to the lighthouse with a few stories to take our minds off the pain in our feet.

We had done it…


Wow… The Cape to Cape was such an incredible hike. In the end we were extremely lucky with the weather. We never had to pack up or set up our tent in the rain. We definitely got rained on and even hailed on but the sun came out and with the strong winds, we normally dried before we had to get into our tent.

The South West Coast of Australia is so beautiful and largely untouched. I highly recommend this hike to anyone that has the chance to do it with the right equipment.


I am so grateful for this being possible and we couldn’t have done it without a lot of help from our friends. Gillian and Keith for lending us a lot of their gear and wisdom. Chris, for also sharing a lot of his past experience, driving us down, picking us up, walking a day and the last few kilometres with us and being an all round cheerleader. To Sam for sharing his experience with us, letting us borrow his EPIRB and for walking the last few kilometres with us. Chelsea for letting us borrow the guidebook, we needed it a few times when the trail signs were few and far between. And to Shelley for laughing with me, keeping it positive and being a very sturdy presence when I was feeling vulnerable.

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