Cape to Cape Trail – Day 6

Conto Campground to Hamelin Bay Caravan Park (22.5kms)

This was by far the simplest day on the trail. The first half was through the beautiful Karri forest and the second half was along Boranup beach.

We started early in the morning with the aim of getting to Hamelin Bay with some evening light to spare. The walk through the tall Karri forest trees was so peaceful and the weather was absolutely stunning. Blue skies, crisp cold air and an offshore breeze.

Whilst walking on the 4WD tracks through the forest, a couple in a 4WD came up behind us. They stopped and offered us two of the tastiest mandarins I’ve ever eaten. We were so happy.

The view over the ocean when we popped out of the Boranup forest was unreal… The water was so crystal and the sand was so white.

The afternoon took us 6.5kms over Boranup beach all the way to Hamelin Bay Caravan Park. We were extremely lucky with the weather as we had light wind coming from behind us and the sun shining. I can imagine that it is a never ending stretch in rain and wind or the dark. We felt so lucky.

The first part of the beach was really nice to walk on as it was quite flat and firm and the sand was so white. I could not believe my eyes. The middle section had really deep soft sand and we saw four bogged cars on the beach.

At the end of the beach lies the Hamelin Bay Caravan Park. For our last night on the trail we enjoyed showers and camp kitchens. Our legs were pretty sore after the long beach stretch but we were able to eat all of our extra snacks and buy an ice cream from the kiosk.

We also had two of our friends, Chris and Sam who had joined us for the evening. We sat around a fire, under the Milky Way, listening to music. It was the perfect way to spend our final evening on the trail.

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