Cape to Cape Trail – Day 5

Prevelly to Conto Campground (19.5kms)

Following on from our relaxing afternoon, we had a slow morning. We bought a breakfast slice from the General Store and went for a quick walk down to the beach without our packs. We would be joined today by Shelley’s boyfriend Chris who had driven down from Perth.

After rejoining the trail high above Prevelly, we walked along a relatively boring track in the bush. We soon reached one of the highlights of the trail though, Boodjidup Brook. This lush green area is located in a valley just inland from the coast.

After walking down lots of stairs (over 300), there is a beautiful green spot to sit and have an early lunch. Boodjidup Brook is so different to the rest of the scenery on the trail, it was quite a surprise.

After lunch we followed the trail along the valley towards the ocean. The weather was absolutely perfect.

A 2km long, soft beach stretch took us down to Redgate beach where the sand was white and firm. It felt like a dream to walk along compared to the previous stretch.

The next highlight for the day was Bob’s Hollow. There is a steep rock descent with a chain for assistance. Looking through the trees here towards the ocean was beautiful.

Shortly after, we walked up a steep track to Bob’s Hollow Grotto where giant caves echo the sound of the ocean.

The walk to Conto campground from the Grotto is along the cliffs above the ocean. Arguably, it is one of the most beautiful sections of the trail.

Just before turning inland to Conto Campground, there is a lookout over the beach below. This was one of my favourite spots on the whole trail.

Conto Campground is a big bush campsite with drop toilets and running water. It was quite busy when we were there and had a really nice atmosphere with young groups and families playing music and sitting around fires. We had a beautiful sunset amongst the trees and fell asleep pretty early.

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