Cape to Cape Trail – Day 4

Ellensbrook Campsite to Prevelly (14kms)

We started the day early again because we wanted to pack up and get moving before the rain started. We walked for a bit and then had some rain followed by hail.

After that though, the sun came out. The wind was still howling but it was a beautiful day with so many rainbows.

The big challenge of the day was going to be to cross the Margaret River mouth. In winter it can be quite dangerous to cross with strong currents and breaking waves. The alternate route to avoid the river mouth is really long and quite boring though so we took our chances.

When we had dropped food off in Prevelly before the hike, the mouth had broken and the water was quite deep. When we reached the mouth before noon though, it wasn’t even broken!

We walked straight across without even taking off our shoes. We had been prepared to have to wade with our packs above our heads so we were very excited when we saw that the beach was clear. It was even sunny!

We reached the Prevelly Caravan Park before lunch time and had the rest of the afternoon to relax. We picked up our food supply, showered, washed our dirty clothes in a tub and hung them out in the sun. We felt so refreshed.

I had a grateful moment in the afternoon. The last few days had been tough but we were loving it. We knew that we had been lucky with the weather, despite the cold front and it was only supposed to get better going forward.

I was loving the simplicity of our mission. We only had to make sure that we were eating, drinking, walking and sleeping. We were almost completely disconnected from the outside world and neither of us had to think about COVID, work or university. We could simply enjoy the incredible coastline that we both call home.

We went to sleep feeling refreshed and ready for the rest of the hike.

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