Cape to Cape Trail – Day 3

Moses Rock to Ellensbrook (21kms)

What a day…

We got up before sunrise as the wind was howling. We packed the tent up in record time and quickly cooked our oats and fruit. We were keen to get as many kilometres in as possible before the front hit.

It was really windy (30-35knots) but luckily it was mostly behind us. Starting our walk along the cliffs, I was pretty hot so I took off my rain pants.

Tip #5: If you’re expecting rain, suck it up and wear those rain pants.

I managed to take a few photos before the rain started. We started on a track through low lying bush and wound our way down to the beach. We crossed a brook that had broken with the ocean and then wound back up onto the cliffs.

Pretty soon after I had taken off my rain pants, the heavens opened up. It rained from every direction except downwards. At one point, the rain was so sharp it felt like hail. We were drenched. Our shoes were full of water and we were soaked through. We regretted not bringing our wetsuits.

I’m not normally a mantra kind of person but the only thing going through my head was “strong mind, strong body, positive attitude” (and the thought of warm food in Gracetown). Not going to lie, it was pretty hard yakka. We definitely found ourselves laughing a lot. I think if we didn’t, we might have cried.

When we rounded the corner and saw Gracetown, we could not have been happier. We pulled into the General Store after redressing a little in the public toilets and grabbed a hot bite to eat. We stayed in the store for nearly two hours eating warm food and trying to dry ourselves.

We were so lucky with the weather after lunch. We had expected it to rain all day and maybe even have a thunderstorm. When we left for Ellensbrook though, the sun was shining and the wind did a great job drying both our clothes and our packs.

We rolled into Ellensbrook with enough time to put up our tent and make some tea before the rain started again.

The Ellensbrook Campsite is similar to Moses Rock with a drop toilet and a water tank. The campsite is much more protected from the wind though as it sits low under tall trees. We were so happy to have managed to dry almost everything before going to sleep. It had been an emotionally long day.

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