Cape to Cape Trail – Day 2

Yallingup to Moses Rock (20.25kms)

Day two started with porridge and dehydrated fruit. We also stopped by the Yallingup coffee van for a coffee and a weather update. We were expecting a big cold front to come through the next morning.

The first part of the trail was up on the hills south of Yallingup. Normally the trail goes down to walk along Smiths Beach but due to storm erosion we continued to walk in the hills above the beach until we reached the very southern end.

After the beach section we climbed up a steep rock section and then followed the trail up through the bush until we were above Canal Rocks. We stopped at the Rotary Lookout to rest our feet, have a snack and try to take a self timer photo.

From the high vantage point we could see back towards Yallingup and further to Sugarloaf Rock. This was the last glimpse of Sugarloaf that we had on the trail. Ahead, we could see towards Indijup Beach.

After some more rocky path, we went down a steep set of stairs, over a very rocky beach to the Indijup Carpark.

We stopped to eat lunch (peanut butter on crackers) on the rocks above the Indijup Natural Spa. We were pretty knackered by this point actually. The trail was incredibly beautiful but quite challenging with lots of uphill, downhill and technical stretches over rocks. Little did we know we had a long way to go…

With new energy we started again, down the rocky path that ends up on Indijup Beach.

We powered along the beach, only to realise that we had gone too far. We had been following another cape to cape trail walker from a distance but when she turned around looking lost, we decided we should pull out our guidebook.

The turn off was behind us so we trudged back along the soft sand to the stairs. At the top of the stairs we needed a break. The sun had come out at some point along the beach and we were feeling pretty warm with sore feet.

Tip #3: Keep the guidebook handy.

The trail follows a 4WD track for 5kms. Whilst on the track we joined up with our friend who had walked ahead of us along the beach. We walked as a trio, however, our friend had the ambition of completing the trail in five days (which she did!). As an outdoor education leader, she was much backpack fitter than us and despite walking slow for us, we felt like we were power walking. At the end of the 4WD track, we parted ways (simply because we couldn’t keep up!).

Tip #4: Go with a buddy that has a similar pace.

After having a rest, we crossed the short beach stretch and then followed the trail through the bush up onto the cliffs for the last 4.5kms.

We reached Moses Rock campsite just before sunset. The campsite is a basic bush camp with a drop toilet and a water tank and we had it all to ourselves.

The wind had really come in and we were expecting a windy night before the cold front in the morning. We cooked dinner straight away, then set up camp and fell asleep.

It’s safe to say we were exhausted after this day. Though it’s an extremely scenic day, the many different types of terrain can result in a pretty slow overall pace. It wasn’t the longest day we had but I would say that it was definitely the toughest.

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