Winter in Gothenburg

Gothenburg (Göteborg) lies on the Swedish west coast and is the third biggest city in Sweden. A classic Scandinavian mix of urban city, green areas and a rugged coastline, Gothenburg has something for everyone. A friend and I had the opportunity to catch the train there from Lund in March and these are some of the things we did:

Stroll the Shopping District

The Shopping District near the central train station is filled with many typical Scandinavian shopping outlets as well as international brands.


If you’re interested in more quirky, unique shopping, head to Haga. Haga Nygata is the main shopping street and here you will find everything from minimalist design stores to gourmet deli and candy shops.

Skansen Kronan

Nearby Haga is this fortress which has an incredible view over the city of Gothenburg. Though there are lots of steps to get up there, the views are worth it.


This is the place to head for restaurants. Andra and Tredje Långgatan (‘second and third long street’) are filled with trendy places to eat. Many of these are visited by locals for afterwork drinks and can be very busy.

At the end of these streets is the Oscar Fredriks Church.

Masthugg Church

On the top of a big hill in Masthugget is the Masthugg Church. This is the best viewpoint that we found in Gothenburg. From here you can see all over the city and out to the islands on the coast.


Though I’m sure this place is made for children, I really enjoyed going here. Universeum is a multifloor science based interactive centre.

The building has an extremely cleverly designed layout. Starting at the top, you follow the walkway through different ecological zones. Two of the zones include aquariums with sharks and fish and a tropical rainforest zone with toucans and monkeys.

If you’re up for something a little bit different, head to Universeum.


This area on the coast is forty minutes from the centre of Gothenburg. There are two ways to get here with public transport:

  1. Take a tram from the city centre,
  2. Take the ferry from Stenpiren.

The area is nice to walk around to look out over the archipelago and get out into nature. It is also from here that you can get ferries out to the archipelago.

Though it was quiet in winter, I am sure that in summer it is filled with boats and people swimming.

How to get around Gothenburg

Väst Trafik is the public transport provider in Gothenburg. They have trams, busses, trains and ferries.

It is possible to buy 24hr and 72hr tickets with them either online or at the Pressbyrån kiosks at the train station. With these tickets, you are able to travel an unlimited amount of times during that time period on any of the Väst Trafik forms of transport. It is much cheaper to buy this type of ticket than individual tickets.

I highly recommend this as the public transport system is very good in Gothenburg. It is possible to get everywhere by tram and foot. The ferries are an added bonus and I recommend jumping on a ferry if you have the chance to see Gothenburg from another perspective.

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