Day Trips from Lund, Malmö

Malmö is a short ten minute train ride from Lund and is the third biggest city in Sweden. There is lots to do in Malmö and though I definitely didn’t get the chance to try everything, this is my favourite way to spend a day trip there. It is also possible to buy Vegemite in Malmö!!! It is available at the British Shop in the centre of Malmö.

Dockan Marina. Walking to Dockan Marina from the train station takes you over some nice bridges and near the University of Malmö which has modern buildings. The area around the Marina itself is a relatively modern part of Malmö with large apartment buildings.

Turning Torso is the most iconic building in Malmö and is impossible to miss. The building is both residential and commercial and at the time of writing, was the tallest building in Scandinavia (though it’s possible by the time you read this that there is a taller building now).

Västra Hamn. This entire waterfront is grassy with a nice walking path along the ocean. There is also decking to sit with a picnic or sunbathe and swim in summer.

Kungsparken and Malmö Slott. Kungsparken (The Kings Park) is a large park area with many walking trails that follow the canals in the park. In the centre of the park area is Malmö Slott (Castle) an old fortress built by the Danes during their rule.

Saluhall. This gourmet food hall serves everything including wood fired pizza, poke bowls, salads, sushi, cheese, ice cream, fish, meat and chocolate. There is a really nice vibe and I highly recommend coming here for lunch or dinner on your day trip to Malmö.

Gammalstad. Walking around the centre of Malmö you will find both large retailers like H&M, Natur Kompaniet and Zara as well as smaller, unique shops. There are also lots of cosy cafes and nice restaurants.

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