Day Trips from Lund, Helsingborg and Ystad

Helsingborg is a thirty minute train ride north of Lund. It is from here that the ferry goes over to Helsingør in Denmark as the water between the two countries is at it’s narrowest here. Helsingborg is also home to a large campus of Lund University so many students live and go to Uni in this city too.

For a view over the whole city, walk up Stortorget, up the stairs to Kärnan. From here you can look out over the whole city and towards Denmark. Kärnan itself was part of a castle built in the 1300’s by the Danish while they ruled the southern part of modern day Sweden. Since then, the Swedes demolished the rest of the castle and what you see is all that they left.

On the way, you will pass the iconic Rådhuset which is currently used as the City Hall. You aren’t normally able to go inside but the outside of the building is very beautiful.

If you happen to be in Helsingborg on a sunny summers day, Tropical Beach and Gröningen are great places to go for a swim. Tropical beach is a sandy beach with palm trees and shallow water. Gröningen is a grassy area with decking and you can step down into the ocean straight off the pier. Both are great places to cool off in summer but can be packed.

The main shopping street in Helsingborg is called Kullagatan and along here you will find big retailers such as H&M as well as cosy cafes for fika.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the time to try out the saunas in Helsingborg, however, I was really keen to go to Pålsjöbaden and Kallis. If you get the chance, go and visit them!

Ystad is an hours train ride from Lund and lies on the South coast of Skåne. The city centre of Ystad is small and cosy. Wander around the cobblestoned city streets to see colourful little houses and the gardens of Norra Promenaden. The main street is Stora Östergatan where you can find cosy cafes and restaurants, retailers and quirky shops.

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