Day Trips from Lund, Hiking

Söderåsen National Park

This is one of the biggest national parks in Skåne and contains the highest peak in Skåne at 212m above sea level. It is possible to reach this national park by taking two busses from Lund. There are multiple different trails in the national park, marked by coloured shapes on trees and signposts. There is a map of the area at the Naturum building as well as a cafe and small souvenir shop. I walked in the park in both spring and autumn and it was so different each time. I highly recommend going with a few friends and taking a thermos and a picnic.


This beautiful beach side town is on the northwest point of Skåne and is the ‘gateway’ to the Kullaberg peninsula. From Mölle, it is possible to walk all the way around the south side of the peninsula to the Naturum. In summer, there is a bus going all the way to Naturum but it is a nice walk either way with a few spots to swim and some beautiful rocky outcrops. There are multiple hiking trails that leave from Naturum and there is also rock climbing and many mountain bike trails in the reserve.

Dalby Nature Reserve

A short bus ride from Lund, the Skrylle and Dalby Nature Reserves offer many nice walking trails and mountain bike tracks that are well lit.

There are also many other great places to go hiking in Skåne and each corner of Skåne is quite different so I recommend getting out for a walk while you are in the region.

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