Day Trips from Lund, Beaches


This is the closest beach to Lund. It is a 10km cruisy cycle or a twenty minute bus ride. In summer it is really nice to cycle to Lomma. The beach itself is is very chill as it has nice sand and is shallow for about twenty metres out to sea so the water is really flat.


This is only a few kilometres further north than Lomma. It is a slightly more serious bike ride or a 20 minute bus ride from Lund. The beach itself is very similar as it is shallow for a long time. Bjärred is the beach with the long jetty and my favourite sauna at the end. If you’re unfamiliar with this, read my Saunas and Winter Swimming post.

Falsterbo and Skanör

These are two beaches on the south western tip of Skåne. It is possible to reach them with the bus in around 40 minutes. These beaches are beautiful. The sand is really white and there are colourful little beach shacks. It is worth going to visit these beaches while you are in Lund. Unfortunately I was only there in winter so I don’t have the best photo but there are many on instagram.

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