Lund, all year round

Lund is a university town at the very southern end of Sweden. Only a ten minute train ride from Malmö and forty minutes across the Öresund bridge from Copenhagen. Living in Lund as an exchange student was an incredible experience and I highly recommend adding this cute cobblestoned city to your next European itinerary. There are also many easy trips you can do from Lund. There are separate blog posts about those.

There is a word you must know before you come to Lund. It is the Swedish word ‘mysig’ which roughly means ‘cosy’ in English and is similar to the Danish word ‘hygge’ which many books have been written about. Almost everything about Lund is mysig, from the compact city centre, to the small cobblestoned streets with tiny colourful houses, the abundance of cafes and the lights that fill the windows at night.

As one of the oldest cities in Sweden, dating all the way back to 990, there are many grand old buildings, many of which make up the University. Some beautiful must sees are:

Lund Universitets Biblioteket. (The main university library). The whole front face of this building is covered in leaves that change colour throughout the year. There are many incredible photos of this building throughout the different seasons but none of them capture the way the leaves move when you are standing there in person.

Lund Universitet Main Building. This pretty white building was built in 1882 and is one of the University’s most photographed buildings.

Lund Cathedral. This one is unmissable. Right in the centre of town stands Lunds Domkyrka. A large cathedral that dates back to the 10th century.

There are many other beautiful University buildings so I recommend walking past the Universitet Biblioteket up the hill to the LUX building and then back down Solvegatan.

There is more to Lund than pretty old buildings though!

The Botanical Gardens. These are so beautiful in spring, summer and early autumn. There are so many different flowers, little ponds and walking trails. In winter when the outside gardens are looking a little sad, the inside of the Botanical Gardens are always blooming and it is also a good place to take a book and warm up. If you are there in summer, take a picnic and find a cosy place on the grass.

Stadsparken. This is the city park of Lund and has many walking trails with a few fountains. Recently, the kommune put a really nice display in around the lake so there is a nice place to sit overlooking the water. Also in the park is an outdoor bouldering structure if you feel like doing a bit of rock climbing. At the end of the park is the swimming pool, Högeväll. I was actually lucky enough to teach here during my stay. There are multiple pools in the facility and an adventure area with a waterslide.

If you’re in for a little bit of a stroll through the city centre, make sure you head down Knut Den Stores Torg, Klostergatan and Lilla Fiskaregatan, around Stortorget and Botulfsplatsen. It is in these streets that you will find most of my top mysig cafe recommendations! There is also a gourmet food hall called Saluhallen which is found in Mårtenstorget. This is worth a walk around to see all different types of cheese, meat, fish, candy, and locally grown Swedish products.

Cafes of Lund.

There are so many cafe options in Lund and I’m sure that even after all the time I spent there that there are many cafes that I missed. This is a list of my favourite cafes to meet with friends.

Broder Jakobs Stenugnsbageri. This is probably the most popular bakery/cafe in Lund. It has the most cosy atmosphere and is always filled with people. The vaniljbulle is my all-time favourite here but everything is a good choice.

Inkognito. This cafe has an endless amount of cakes and pastries to choose from and the options are constantly changing. It has a cosy seating area upstairs. I love this cafe but I didn’t go there many times because it always took me too long to decide what to have.

Love Coffee. This is an artisan coffee cafe that sells their own beans. I personally don’t drink coffee so I cannot tell you what it is like but it is popular with coffee connoisseurs. They do have delicious pastries though and a nice outdoor seating area when the weather permits. I highly recommend the almond croissants. Yum.

Cafe Point. This cafe has really good smoothies. It is also a tiny bit cheaper than all the others.

Espresso House and Wayne’s Coffee. These are two chain cafes that you will find all over Sweden. Lund alone has at least three espresso houses. Despite being bigger chains, they do have nice food and drinks and also offer big tables and power points so you often find groups of students studying here.

Restaurants of Lund.

All of the restaurants that I visited were in a student budget and most of the ones I am going to list offer lunchtime discounts and further student discounts.

TUGG Burgers. This place was my favourite. They serve delicious gourmet burgers and the space is really cosy, especially when the weather is nice enough to use their outdoor seating. To find the restaurant, go through the archway next to Broder Jakobs. Yum, my mouth is watering at the thought of their food. They have lots of vegetarian options too.

Creperiet. This restaurant has the cosiest seating upstairs. They serve both sweet and savoury crepes which are pretty delicious. If you go at lunch time, they include tea and coffee.

Govindas. This is a Vegetarian Indian restaurant that does a buffet style lunch, including tea and coffee for a very reasonable price. Watch out, it can be packed with students and university teachers at lunch time.

Fengsson Dumpling House. To find this one, you need to look lower… The restaurant is down stairs through some cellar style doors. The menu is simple but the dumplings are delicious. Most of the seating is outside so if it is raining, have a place to sit and eat in mind. The restaurant down the stairs is really really small.

Lund is a bustling small city filled with many young and international people. I highly recommend visiting the city and also taking a few of my suggestions for things to do just outside of Lund which are on my blog posts called Day Trips from Lund.

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