Eleven things to do on your day trip to Copenhagen

There are many things you can do in Copenhagen, these are eleven of my suggestions to enjoy Copenhagen on a student budget:

1. Walk the many shopping streets near Vestergade. Copenhagen is known for it’s minimalistic Scandinavian style and there are many shops to browse or indulge (depending on your budget).

2. Stroll down Nyhavn. Undoubtedly the most photographed area in Copenhagen, it is worth seeing the colourful Danish buildings that line the small inner city harbour. The area is very cute although you won’t be the only one who thinks that as Nyhavn is constantly buzzing with tourists and you are likely to find a big crowd here, especially if you come in summer.

3. Walk across Inderhavnsbroen (Inner harbour bridge) and across to FreeTown Christiania. A quick google search will tell you everything you need to know about Christiania before walking down the famous pusher street. This alternative area is often frequented by locals for the idyllic inner-city nature and cultural events in the Grey Hall. Due to the wishes of the locals, make sure that you do not take photographs whilst in Christiania.

4. Climb to the top of the Church of Our Saviour for stunning views across the rooftops of Copenhagen.

4. Visit Refshaleøen. This new area is home to groovy bars, cool restaurants and festivals. For the adventurous, there is a cable park, indoor rock climbing (Blocs and Walls) and bungy jumping. From May to October, there is a street food market called Reffen (look at point 10 for Street food recommendations).

5. Amalienborg. The beautiful buildings that make up Amalienborg are the residences of the Danish Royal Family (including the Australian Crown Princess Mary). Everyday at 12pm, the changing of the royal guard occurs. This can be quite interesting to watch, though if you aren’t around at 12pm you can see the guards performing official changes throughout the day (and night).

6. If you’re looking for a little romance, visit the boats in Frederiksberg Gardens. For 45kr each, someone will row you around the peaceful gardens in a small boat. It is a really nice way to see the gardens and give your legs a rest if you’ve been walking or riding a lot. Alternatively, you can walk around the Gardens and enjoy the luscious inner city greenery.

7. The Botanical Gardens and Butterfly House. These are both nice to see if you feel the need to get in touch with nature again, however, there is an entrance fee for both the Greenhouse and butterfly house.

8. Svanemøllen Strande. If you are in Copenhagen in summer this beach is perfect for swimming with white sand and clear, calm water. Bathe with a view of the Öresund Bridge and look out towards Sweden.

9. Bakken and the Deer Park in Klampenborg. A short train ride north of Copenhagen will take you to Klampenborg station. From here, there is another stunning beach – Bellevue Strandbad where you can relax on the white sand. Across the main road is Bakken, a small cute theme park which you can walk through for free. From Bakken, ride through the Park towards the Hermitage Hunting Lodge. From this grand building you can look out towards the ocean across a grassy field that is commonly home to deer.

10. Street Food in Copenhagen.

Tivoli. This street food market backs on to the Tivoli Amusement Park which is really beautifully lit at nighttime. It is possible to find something for everyone in this market as there is a stall with each type of cuisine. Prices are moderate for Copenhagen but the food looks delicious and the atmosphere is really nice.

Boltens. I stumbled upon this food market by accident. Near Nyhavn, this market has a little less variety than the Tivoli Street Food but the atmosphere at Boltens is groovy with places to sit both inside and outside.

Reffen. This food market can be found at Refshaleøen from May to October and is a really nice place to hang out on a summer evening as it overlooks the water. There are over fifty food stalls at Reffen with outdoor seating.

11. How to get around Copenhagen. There are multiple ways to get around Copenhagen depending on your budget and where you are planning on visiting.

Walk. Most of the sights that you will see on a day trip are within walking distance. If you are planning on strolling through the shopping strip and tour Nyhavn, it is easier to simply walk from sight to sight. Make sure you stay on the footpath and watch out for cyclists though.

Donkeybike. This is an app on your phone that allows you to rent orange bikes found all over the city. The app is very simple, sign up and put in your credit card details. When you open the app you see a map with locations of the bikes. Click start rental, make sure your bluetooth is on and your bike will unlock. This bike is yours until you click ‘end rental’ in the app. You are able to lock and unlock the bike as many times as you would like and in any location, simply press lock bike on the app. You are charged for the amount of time you keep the bike, the longer you rent, the cheaper the hourly rate is. It is also possible to rent the bike for as little as 15 minutes. The bikes are always good quality and you can easily swap bikes if something is wrong with yours. I highly recommend this app. Copenhagen is one of the most bike friendly cities in the world. There are hundreds of kilometres of bike lanes across the city. Stick to the rules though, indicate when you will turn, put your hand up to show you are going to stop and stay to the right.

Scooters. Electric scooters are the latest way of getting around and are an easy way to quickly get from one part of the city to another. Most of the scooter companies work similarly to DonkeyBike with an individual app (the name can be found on the scooters) where you unlock the scooter and pay by time (often per minute). Scooters can be useful for short journeys in the city.

Public Transport. DSB is the name of the public transport app for the Copenhagen area. It is relatively easy to purchase tickets on their app for the bus, metro and trains.

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