Cruising Around Denmark

This summer I was lucky enough to sail from The Netherlands, through the Kieler Canal to Germany and around Denmark. These are my nine favourite marinas/anchorages in Denmark that we visited:


A very cute old town with colourful little houses. This little harbour on Æro has a real family vibe with a playground and BBQ area.


This was by far the most peaceful evening we had. The anchorage is very well protected due to its shape. There is lush green forest and farmland on the edges. We had perfect weather with not a breath of wind but I’m sure the anchorage would be idyllic and calm even if the wind was blowing.


This privately owned island is a must if you’re in the area. The exclusive island is only reachable by private boat or plane. The harbour fee is steeper than all the others but it includes luxurious bathrooms, laundry access, firewood for fire pits, tennis courts and bike hire. The island is 100% energy self sufficient and only sells and serves produce that is grown on the island. Riding around the island is fun, with many berry bushes and plum trees that you can pick from. You will also see the sheep, peasants, chickens and pigs that are farmed on the island, along with orchards and greenhouses.


A cute little town located just outside of Odense. There are over 700 berths available in the marina which is a short walk to the town centre. Kerteminde has cute colourful Danish houses and little boutique shops to stroll through.


We were lucky to arrive in Ballen the same night as a party that was being held in the marina for over 600 employees. This meant that we were treated to a concert with modern music and a really cool vibe. The marina itself is quite small and it was packed so the atmosphere was really cosy.


I love Aarhus. This city would have to be one of my all time favourite cities in the world so I have written a separate blog post just for Aarhus. We had an amazing downwind sail from Ballen to Aarhus with the kite up and it is probably one of my favourite sails from the whole trip. There are two marinas there, one in the city centre and one south of the city (called Marselisborg). It is worth staying at both because they have a completely different feel.


Another relatively big town on the east coast of the island Fyn. There are a few nice shops and restaurants, however, we were unfortunately there during major constructions and many shops were closed. We were also forced to stay for two days due to extremely heavy winds and lots of rain. I would love to go there again to form a more balanced opinion but we did enjoy our time there.

We took the opportunity to take the train to Odense for the day and enjoyed walking around the cobblestoned streets and learning about Hans Christian Anderson. There is also a nice walk through the forest near the outer marina. The walk is called the ‘Lillebælt’ (little belt walk) and is part of a 23km hiking trail. Due to the many bridges in the area, it is also possible to walk on the top of the bridges with a tour company. The weather did not permit this for us, however, it would be a cool thing to do.


A super cute city with many old and yellow buildings. The marina is right near the city and allows for an easy stroll into the town centre. I highly recommend this as a stopover.


More colourful buildings! This is another built up town with a cute old town section with many shops and a big supermarket. A nice marina to moor for a night.

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