A Guide to Western Australia

Before moving to Lund, I put together a list of my favourite places around South Western Australia.

Rottnest Island. This beautiful island is located 20kms off the coast of Perth. It is easy to catch a ferry to the island from Fremantle and is definitely worth paying to get there. The island is bike only, although on hot summer days I recommend buying a hop on, hop off bus pass. Take your bathers, snorkel and a book. Food can be pretty expensive on the island so it is a good idea to take a picnic. You will be able to see all of the island in a day trip but if you really want to feel the island life vibe it is worth staying for a night or two. I love the feeling of being isolated on such a beautiful island so close to home.

Bluff Knoll and The Granite Skywalk. These two walks are so worth it. The Granite Skywalk is definitely easier than Bluff Knoll but both have incredible and very different views. The Granite Skywalk is a 4.4km return walk up a hill. The path is well marked and easy to follow. At the end of the path is a little rock climbing section to get onto a man made skywalk for incredible views over the Porongorups. The 6km Bluff Knoll hike is a bit more intense, following uneven natural steps up an elevation of about 500m. The peak of the knoll is at 1098m providing incredible views for miles. The hike takes about four hours. Definitely take water and a snack to eat on top of the knoll. Due to the elevation gain, it is much cooler on the top and the weather can also change very quickly. Keep an eye on the weather and pay attention to any warning signs before you start the hike.

Indijup Natural Spa & Canal Rocks. This place is incredible. The water all around WA is such a clear blue but the contrast with the red rocks here makes it for me. The natural spa can be quite difficult to find from the carpark but go for a walk and you will stumble across it. Due to the formation of the rocks, when swell is high enough, it goes over the rocks and funnels down a waterfall into this natural spa (although the water isn’t warm!). Both places are great to go climbing over the rocks and find a relaxing place to sit.

Thistle Cove and Blue Haven, Esperance. I’m sure you’ve heard of Lucky Bay in Esperance. It’s the beach with kangaroos, crystal clear water and white sand so fine that it squeaks under your feet. Thistle Cove is Lucky Bay’s next door neighbour. Located in the same national park, Thistle Cove has equally stunning blue water with piercingly white sand and is often less busy than Lucky Bay. The rocks make for a perfect place to chill out. Blue Haven Beach is much closer to Esperance town and is my favourite beach on the 38km Great Ocean Drive.

Two People’s Bay Reserve, Albany. This national park is located 35kms east of Albany and is yet another stunning piece of coastline. Little beach is a mini version of Lucky Bay in Esperance. If you’re not able to get yourself to Lucky Bay, the pristine white sand on Little Beach squeaks under your feet too. Drive around the reserve for multiple stunning lookout points.

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